Trachten jewelery

Traditional costume jewelry in many variations - with us you have the choice. We carry traditional costume jewelry, such as the Chari Vari, as well as modern country fashion.

Our products

Traditional costume chains

A wide variation of traditional and modern traditional costume necklaces

Cord and ribbons

Cord and ribbons in different colors and materials. Can be combined with a variety of middle parts

Ear jewelry

Stud earrings and ear clips also with rhinestones or hand painted

Scarf and tie rings

Scarf rings and tie rings with closed or open ring. Also with clip


Brass, pewter or zinc alloy bodice hooks, eyelets and clasps

Costume brooches

Traditional to modern, also hand painted or with rhinestones

Chari Vari

Standard or customized Chari Vari for men and women


Small and large series, also with hand painting

Shooting supplies

Everything for the shooter: Pins for championships or club pin. Shooters chains, shooters feathers and shooters discs.